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A Reliable Gift: Community Partnership Fuels Needed Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse

Green Bay nonprofit and Jake’s Diapers team up to provide victims of domestic abuse help.

Anticipating the birth of a new child, even when you’re already a parent, sparks a lot of emotions. Of course, there’s excitement and joy; but we can also experience worry about how siblings will cope, or fears about the child’s development or other concerns. 

Layer that with unstable living situations, and life can become overwhelming.

That’s where one mom found herself before enlisting the help of Wise Women Gathering Place in Green Bay. Many people the organization works with are homeless or food insecure due to family violence and generational trauma. 

“There is a family we work with who was living in a domestic abuse shelter,” Jessica Adams of Wise Women said. “She was working with us in several of our different programs. She had five children and was pregnant with her sixth. We were able to help secure a home for her and her family, help her connect with other community agencies to get her home outfitted with all the necessary items, assist in helping her find employment, assist with diapers for her now four children in diapers, and get referrals for her children to youth programs and assistance. She and her family are currently stable and living free from violence.”

“Our partnership has fueled the organization’s ability to consistently support local families with diaper need.”

Wise Women Gathering Place serves victims of crime – predominantly those harmed by domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking and sex trafficking – and is committed to peace, respect and belonging through skill-building, sharing of resources and caring support for our community. WWGP is also one of Jake’s Diapers community partners who receive support from our Eastern Wisconsin Diaper Bank Initiative.

We used to rely on ‘spotty’ donations from the community,” she said. “When we were out of diapers or hygiene products, it may be that we were out for a long time. We would always refer to other community agencies who help with diapers, but it feels so good to not have to turn someone away to someone else when we can help them here – especially when transportation is such a big issue.”

Transportation is a barrier for these families for a variety of reasons, among them the fact that the multitude of complex traumas they are dealing with makes it difficult to obtain or maintain a job. 

“Sometimes people use the last of their gas just to get to an appointment at WWGP. When clients can be helped on the spot with diapers, hygiene products, it helps alleviate one stress right there at the moment. Knowing that they can have a clean diaper after they leave their appointment can help prepare them to take on their next challenge and barrier.”

“Our partnership has fueled the organization’s ability to consistently support local families with diaper need,” Jessica said.

About Our Efforts in NE Wisconsin: Jake’s Diapers recognizes many families in our region of Wisconsin struggle on a regular basis with basic needs and hygiene necessities. This is why we’ve created the Eastern Wisconsin Diaper Bank Initiative to supply diapers to local families in need.

! A donation of $16 solves diaper need for moms and babies like the ones in our story