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Diaper Drops

Welcome to our Diaper Drop application for organizations!

If you are interested in applying to become a Jake’s Diapers Diaper Drop, please complete the application below.

If you seek individual aid (not through an organization), complete our Individual Aid form.

We call our partner agencies who act as our boots on the ground our “Diaper Drops.” These are hard-working individuals at organizations from all around the world who change the lives of families every single day. 
Our main objective is to provide cloth diapers to families in extreme conditions but we do assist with other hygienic needs as well. We respect all diapering choices, and in the event disposables are a more ideal fit (ex. intensive care units), we may be able to help in those situations as well. Our goal is to provide adequate diaper coverage that is best for each individual situation. We partner with ministries & agencies who are working on addressing the root causes of poverty. It is imperative that we do not create dependency, but instead provide a HAND UP to encourage hope, dignity, and independence.

Please contact Stephanie if you have any questions.